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Restore Azure VM using Snapshot (Managed Disk)

How to take a snapshot of Managed OS disk and restore the VM from that snapshot

Login into azure portal and select the VM

2. Click on disks under settings

4. Click on Create Snapshot

Enter the name of your snapshot, account type (in this case we are using Standard HDD) and click on Review + Create

![](  After validation test passed click Create

![](  VM-Test-Snapshot is created.

Restore VM from snapshot, first create a disk from snapshot

You need to convert the snapshot which we made earlier into a disk. Click on Disks


Now, click on + Add

3. Fill in all the required details and click on Revie + Create

4. After validation test passed click Create

![]( Now you can see you newly created disk in Disks resources

Now by using this disk you can create a VM

Click on the disk you created in the previous section

2. Now, click on +Create VM

3. Fill in all required details and click Review + Create

![]( Click Create in the final step

You can see your new VM, which is created using Snapshot in VM’s Section

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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