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Managing Microsoft Teams

Managing Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a core Microsoft 365 application. Microsoft Teams is a chat-centered workspace in
Office 365 that supports team members accomplish more together. Microsoft Teams serves as a hub for
teamwork, providing ready access to chat conversations, content, and tools from across Office 365 into a single workspace. SharePoint and OneNote are built-in, and team members can work on Office documents right within the app.

Basic Usage:

Aside from chats, Microsoft Teams also supports video calls and meetings to enable teams to meet live,
whether on-demand or scheduled. In addition, team members can easily collaborate with multiple teams and search across people, chats, and files anytime. Microsoft Teams works across Windows, Mac, Web, Android, and iOS platforms.

Signing into Teams admin portal

Open your browser and type in “” in the address bar.
Sign in and enter your credentials for verification. After that, this page will be displayed as shown
in the image below

_Figure 1 Teams admin portal_


Within this tab, you can manage your Teams groups. You can add, edit, delete your teams and channels,
make policies and update policies, create team templates, template policies and much more.
This is the interface displayed in the picture you get when you click in the groups there are five sub-tabs
under groups.

_Figure 2 Teams_

How to create a team group

Click on teams then manage teams

_Figure 3 Manage teams_

Click on +Add

_Figure 4 Click on +Add_

A new interface will be displayed from the left side and give the name, description, team owners, and privacy type. Then click on apply.

_Figure 5 click on apply_

How to delete a team

Select the team you want to delete
Click on the delete option as shown in the image

_Figure 6 Delete a team_

Click on the delete again if asked for confirmation.

_Figure 7 Confirmation_

Click a team group that you want to remove or add members or owners
Click on the members' option as shown in the image below

_Figure 8 Members_

If you want to add a new member or owner, click on +Add

_Figure 9 Add a new member_

If you want to remove a member or owner, select the member from the list below a click

_Figure 10 Remove a member_

After clicking on +add, a new interface will be displayed from the lift side. Search for the member
you want to add and click apply.

_Figure 11 Add and click apply_

Now, if you want to make this user owner select that user, scroll to the right, and you will find a
role column under that column; click on members and change its role to the owner, as shown in
the image below.

_Figure 12 Change its role to owner_

How to add edit or delete channels from a team

Click on the team
Go to channels, here you will find all the list of channels that are in a team

_Figure 13 Channels_

To create channel, click on +Add
Give name, description and type (private or standard) click on apply

_Figure 14 Click on apply_

If you want to edit a channel, click on edit; here, you can only change the name, description, and privacy type.

_Figure 15 Edit a channel_

If you want to delete a channel, select that channel and click on delete. It will ask for confirmation. Select delete again, and your channel will be deleted.

_Figure 16 Channel deleted_

How to change settings of a Team

Click on the team

_Figure 17 Click on the team_

Click on edit

_Figure 18 Edit teams_

Here you can edit teams profile conversations and channel settings for a team.
Click apply after making changes.

_Figure 19 Edit teams click apply_

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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