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Import Excel Data into PowerBI with Sheet Names

Get data excel to power bi with sheet name

4 file in one folder

Each sheet

Other sheet

Open power bi and get data from folder and browse


Split file name in two column

Remove other column

Add custom column, name it and with formula

After edition

Remove binary column

You can show table in bottom by mouse over

Expend it

Expend table

Rename column, adjust left right by move, select 3 and remove other column

Now you can view heading by mouse over on table

If not all properly then

Promote header by selecting that column, add custom column, name it and write formula

You can view result my mouse over and remove older column

Adjust column

And expend it

Check and set formatting and give final name to database

Load and apply

Check region and sale and apply pi chart

Product and sale

Sale manger

Now add one sheet to any table and check result by refreshing

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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