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How to Install DPM Server


1.       Install SQL Server
2.       2 vCPU
3.       4096MB Memory dynamic min. 512MB – max. 8192MB
4.       System Drive – 128GB Dynamic
5.       Backup Drive – <whatever you need>GB

For updated information, please check this page.


The ISO of DPM you can download, have only a single MSI file that extract the source files for installation

Mount this from a remote source or extract remote.
Copy the MSI to C:\Temp
Double-click on the MSI package and enter C:\Temp\DPM2016Setup as destination directory.
After extracting – double-click on setup.exe – install will start.![](
Click on Next and then **I accept’** and then Next.![](//![](
Choose the destination folder and click on Next.![](
Click Extract.![](
Click on Finish.![](

Go to destination folder and click on Setup.![](
Click on Data Protection Manager. and then Click on Accept.![](//![](//![](
On the welcome page, click Next.![](
On the Pre-req page, choose the appropriate options and then click on Check and Install. Once installed click on Next.![](
Click on Next on all the pages, wait for the installation to complete, once it completes, click o**n Close.![](//![](**
DPM server is now installed. You can Open DPM Server**![](**

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Updated on: 31/01/2023

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