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How to Increase Disk Space of VM in HyperV

Expansion of VM’s Hard Disk from Hyper-V Server.

Expansion of VM’s Hard Disk from the VM itself.

Expansion of VM’s Hard Disk from Hyper-V Server

To expand the Hard Disk, Right Click on your  Virtual Machine>Click on Settings>Select SCSI>Select the Virtual Hard Drive that you want to extend and Click Edit.![](

You will then be taken to the “ Edit Virtual Hard Disk” wizard to locate the Virtual Hard disk. Click Next to continue.![](

Following that, you will be asked to Choose Action. There are three choices to choose from, _Compact_, _Expand_, and _Shrink_. Select “**Expand**” then Click Next proceed.![](

Finally, you will be asked to Expand Virtual Hard Disk. This is where you Specify the size of your virtual hard drive. Do so and then click “**Finish”** to complete the expansion.![](

Expansion of VM’s Hard Disk from the VM itself.

Once you have successfully expanded your Virtual Hard Disk, you will need to turn on your VM following the same process previously used to turn off your VM and log into the server.

Open your Server Manager>Select Local Server>Click Tools and Select Computer Management.

Open “ Disk Manager” on your Virtual Machine. You will see your current C: Drive Partition and along with an Unallocated Partition with the amount of hard disk space that you created earlier.![](

Right-click on the volume you want to extend (in this case C:\ Partition) and select “ Extend Volume”. This will open up the Wizard screen for your extended volume and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.![](

Congratulations! You have just through Extended your VM’s Hard Disks in Hyper-V 2012.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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