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How to Get an Apple MDM Push Certificate

**Step 1**.

In the Azure portal, choose Device enrollment > Apple Enrollment > Apple MDM Push Certificate, and then follow these steps in the Azure portal.![](

Select  I agree. to give Microsoft permission to send data to Apple.![](

**Step 2.**

Download the Intune certificate signing request required to create an Apple MDM push certificate.

Select  Download your CSR to download and save the request file locally. The file is used to request a trust relationship certificate from the Apple Push Certificates Portal.![](

**Step 3:** Create an Apple MDM push certificate

Select  Create your MDM push Certificate to go to the Apple Push Certificates Portal.![](

Sign in with your company Apple ID, and then click  Create a Certificate.![](

Select  Choose File and browse to the certificate signing request file, and then choose Upload.

On the Confirmation page, choose  Download to the download the certificate (.pem) file, and save the file locally.

**Step 4.**

Back in Azure Portal, Enter the Apple ID used to create your Apple MDM push certificate![](

Record this ID as a reminder for when you need to renew this certificate.

**Step 5.**

Browse to your Apple MDM push certificate to upload.![](

Go to the certificate (.pem) file, choose  Open, and then choose Upload. With the push certificate, Intune can enroll and manage Apple devices.

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Updated on: 31/01/2023

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