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How to done Conversion of Virtual Hard Disk in Hyper V

Azure only supports Static and .vhd format VHDs, so before uploading VHDs to Azure from on premises data center we have to convert Dynamic and vhdx VHDs to Fixed and vhd VHDs.

For the conversion of VHDs please follow the given Steps:

1)Go to Failover cluster manger or Hyper-V manager and turn off the machine of which VHDs you want to convert and turn Off the machine.

2)Go to Settings of the machine by right clicking on machine.

3)On setting window select the disk that you want to convert and click on Edit as given below.

4)When you click on edit a window will pop up on that window click on Next.


5)Now select Convert option and click on Next.

6)If the format of disk is. vhdx then select VHD if the format of VHD is .vhd then remain it as it is.

7)If Disk is dynamic then select Fixed size option otherwise remain it as it is and click Next.

8)Now Select your path where you want to save the converted disk and click on Finish.

Now your disk will start converting.

Note: Disk conversion may take some time; it will depend upon the size of the disk that you are converting.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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