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How to Create a NSG and Create Rules for it in Azure

Create the NSG-Frontend NSG

To create the NSG-FrontEnd NSG, complete the following steps:

From a browser, navigate to and, if necessary, sign in with your Azure account.
Select + Create a resource > > Network Security Groups.

Under Network security groups, select Add.

Under Create network security group, create an NSG named NSG-FrontEnd in the RG-NSGresource group, and then select Create.

Create rules in an existing NSG

To create rules in an existing NSG from the Azure portal, complete the following steps:

Select All Services, then search for Network security groups. When Network security groups appear, select it.
In the list of NSGs, select NSG-FrontEnd > Inbound security rules

In the list of Inbound security rules, select Add.

Under Add inbound security rule, create a rule named **web-rule** with priority of 200 allowing access via **TCP** to port **80** to any VM from any source, and then select OK. Notice that most of these settings are default values already.

After a few seconds, you see the new rule in the NSG.

Repeat steps to 6 to create an inbound rule named rdp-rule with a priority of 250 allowing access via TCP to port 3389 to any VM from any source.

Associate the NSG to the FrontEnd subnet

Select All services >, enter Resource groups, select Resource groups when it appears, then select RG-NSG.
Under RG-NSG, select ... > TestVNet.

Under Settings, select Subnets > FrontEnd > Network security group > NSG-FrontEnd.

In the FrontEnd blade, select Save.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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