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How to Automatically Enroll Devices with MDM

Configure automatic MDM enrollment

Sign in to the Azure portal, and select Azure Active Directory.

Select Mobility (MDM and MAM).

Select Microsoft Intune.

Configure MDM User scope. Specify which users’ devices should be managed by Microsoft Intune. These Windows 10 devices can automatically enroll for management with Microsoft Intune.

None - MDM automatic enrollment disabled
Some - Select the Groups that can automatically enroll their Windows 10 devices
All - All users can automatically enroll their Windows 10 devices


If both MAM user scope and automatic MDM enrollment (MDM user scope) are enabled for a group, only MAM is enabled. Only MAM is added for users in that group when they workplace join personal device. Devices are not automatically MDM enrolled.

Use the default values for the following URLs:
MDM Terms of use URL
MDM Discovery URL
MDM Compliance URL
Select Save.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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