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Enroll user devices in Intune

Enroll user devices in Intune

Device enrollment:

To get access to work or school resources from your device, you'll need to enroll your device with the
Intune Company Portal app or Microsoft Intune app. Once you update your device settings to meet your
organization's requirements, enrollment is complete. You can securely sign into your work or school
account from virtually anywhere.

Get company portal:

You can enroll Windows 10 devices through the Company Portal website or app (Intune). If you're
enrolling a device with an earlier version of Windows, you must enroll the device through the Company
Portal website.

Enroll windows devices with company portal:

These steps describe how to enroll a device that runs on Windows 10
Go to Start.
Go to the search bar and type "settings."
Select Accounts > Access work or school > Connect.

_Figure 1 Access work or school_

Select Access work school account
To get to your organization's Intune sign-in page, enter your work or school email address. Then
select Next.

_Figure 2 Set up a work or school account_

Enter your work or school-account
Sign into Intune with your work or school account.

_Figure 3 Microsoft Intune_

Add a work or school account
You'll eventually see a message that your company or school is registering your device.
If your organization requires you to set up a PIN for Windows Hello, you'll be prompted to enter
a verification code. Enter the code and continue through the on-screen steps to create a PIN.
On the You're all set! Screen, select Done. Your device is now enrolled.
To double-check your connection, go back to Settings > Accounts > Access work or school. Your
account should now be listed.

Enroll your android devices with company portal:

Enroll your personal or corporate-owned Android device to get secure access to company email, apps,
and data.
These steps describe how to enroll an Android device 

Install company portal application:

Tap Home > Play Store.
Search for and install Intune Company Portal.

_Figure 4 play store Intune company portal_

When prompted about app permissions, tap ACCEPT.

Enroll device:

Open the Company Portal app and sign in with your work or school account.
If you are prompted to accept your organization's terms and conditions, tap ACCEPT ALL.

_Figure 5 Terms_

Review what your organization can and can't see. Then tap CONTINUE.

_Figure 6 Privacy_

Review what to expect in the upcoming steps. Then tap NEXT.

_Figure 7 Allow permissions_

Depending on your version of Android, you might be prompted to allow access to certain parts of
your device. These prompts are required by Google and not controlled by Microsoft.
Tap Allow for the permissions
Activate the device admin app. Company Portal needs device administrator permissions to
manage your device securely.

_Figure 8 Activate device admin app_

On the Company Access Setup screen, check that your device is enrolled. Then tap CONTINUE.

_Figure 9 Company Access Setup_

Your organization might require you to update your device settings. Tap RESOLVE to adjust a setting. When you're done updating settings, tap CONTINUE.

_Figure 10 Update device setting_

When setup is complete, tap DONE.

_Figure 11 your all set Done_

Get Intune company portal on your PCIf you want to use Intune application for your PC, you can and following are the steps to set that up.
Open your browser, type Company Portal App and hit Enter.

_Figure 12 Search company portal app_

Select Get Company Portal – Microsoft Store

_Figure 13 Microsoft Store_

Install the app from the Microsoft Store.

_Figure 14 download and install_

Click on Get and Open Microsoft Store.
Download and install Company Portal on your PC by pressing Launch.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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