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Configure backup for Azure File Share

In the Azure portal, open the Recovery Services vault you want to use for configuring backup for the file share.
In the Recovery Services vault pane, select the +Backup from the menu on the top.

3.In the Backup Goal pane, set Where is your workload running? to Azure by selecting the Azure option from the drop-down list.

4.In What do you want to back up?, select Azure File Share from the drop-down list.

5.Select Backup to register the Azure file share extension in the vault.

6.After you select Backup, the Backup pane opens. To select the storage account hosting the file share that you want to protect, select the Select link text below the Storage Account textbox.

7.The Select Storage Account Pane opens on the right, listing a set of discovered supported storage accounts. They're either associated with this vault or present in the same region as the vault, but not yet associated to any Recovery Services vault.

8.From the list of discovered storage accounts, select an account, and select OK.

9.The next step is to select the file shares you want to back up. Select the Add button in the FileShares to Backup section.

10.The Select File Shares context pane opens on the right. Azure searches the storage account for file shares that can be backed up. If you recently added your file shares and don't see them in the list, allow some time for the file shares to appear.

11.From the Select File Shares list, select one or more of the file shares you want to back up. Select OK.

12. Now select the backup policy for your file share

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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