Articles on: Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Articles on: Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Intune Policies:

Apps Security and Compliance

App configuration policies

App protection policies

Device configuration profiles

Device compliance policies

Device type restrictions

Windows autopilot deployment profiles

Enrollment status page

Device compliance settings for the different device platforms:

Android device administrator

Android Enterprise



Windows Holographic for Business

Windows 8.1 and later


1.       Sign in to the Microsoft End point Manager admin center.

2.      Select Devices>Policy Sets>Policy sets>Create.

3.      On the Basics page, add the following values:

Policy set name-Provide a name for this policy set.

Description-Optionally, provide ade scription for the policy set.

Next: Application management*:**

On the Application management page you can optionally add apps, app configuration policies, and app protection policies to your policy set.

Next: Device management*:**

The Device management page allows you to add device management objects to your policy set, such as device configuration profiles and device compliance policies. Be sure to include all associated objects, such as other policies, certificates, and security baseline profiles

3.               Next: Device enrollment:

The Device enrollment page allows you to add device enrollment objects to your policy set, such as device type restrictions, Windows Autopilot deployment profiles, and enrollment status page profiles.

Next: Assignments*:**

The Assignments page allows you can assign the policy set to users and devices. It is important to note that you can assign a policy set to a device whether or not the device is managed by Intune.

5.                Next: Review + createt or view the values you entered for the profile.

6.                When done,  click Create to create the policy set in Intune.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

Updated on: 01/07/2024

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