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**Publish Win32 Applications using Microsoft Intune**

Articles on: Intune

**Publish Win32 Applications using Microsoft Intune**

Download Microsoft Math 4.0 (MSetup_64.exe  18.9MB) save it.

Go to browser and type “Github in tune content prep” go to link “Github-micrsoft/Microsoft-win32-content-prep-tool: A….”

Find “IntuneWinAppUtil (48.1 kb) “ download and save it.

Open Power shell (admin)

Go to download folder   first cd\ and enter to c:\, then use cd to desire folder

                Use Ls for directory viewing

“**.\msetup_64.exe /?”** And hit enter

“**.\msetup_64.exe /c /t:.\**” then hit enter

“**.\msetup_64.exe /c /t: c:\data**” it will extract all files to data folder

Now type this “**C:\data\setup.exe /?**” hit enter

Next type this “*.\ IntuneWinAppUtil.exe /?**” and enter

Next at download> type “*.\IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c:\data -s MSMath_x64.msi -o c:\users\..........\download**” and enter

                Now you can view by pressing ls MSMath_64.intunewin

Next in download folder copy and past “*MSMath_64.intunewin”** at same location

It will show “**MSMath_64-Copy.intunewin”** as rename it with .zip extension

Extract all to default folder

It will show a folder in windows Intune Win Package, double click to view .intunewin file

Optionally you can go back and open detection file in word pad to view it.

Now upload file to by going App, All App, + Add, Windown app (win32), select, select a package file and brows to file location and finally select it.

Rename it (if required), type description, Microsoft in Publisher, Display this as a featured app in the company portal -*Yes and Ok**.

In Program Configure - leave as default and press Ok

In Requirement Configure – Select OS architecture - 64-bit and Minimum OS - Windows 10 1809 and Ok.

In Detection rules – go to Rules format – select manually configure detection rules , click Add and select MSI in rule type and press Ok.

In Return Codes Configuration – Leave as default and Ok and finally Add.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

Updated on: 01/07/2024

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