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How to Renew Apple MDM Push Certificate

Articles on: Intune

The Apple MDM push certificate is valid for one year and must be renewed annually to maintain iOS and macOS device management. If your certificate expires, enrolled Apple devices cannot be contacted.

In the Azure portal, choose Device enrollment > Apple Enrollment, and then choose the Apple MDM Push Certificate tile in the details area.![](

Choose Download your CSR to download and save the request file locally. The file is used to request a trust relationship certificate from the Apple Push Certificates Portal.![](

Select Create your MDM push Certificate to go to the Apple Push Certificates Portal. Find the certificate you want to renew and select Renew.![](

On the Renew Push Certificate screen, provide notes to help you identify the certificate in the future, select Choose File to browse to the new request file you downloaded, and choose Upload.

On the Confirmation screen, select Download and save the .pem file locally.![](

In the Azure portal, select the Apple MDM push certificate browse icon, select the .pem file downloaded from Apple, and choose Upload.![](

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Updated on: 31/01/2023

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