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How to find your Microsoft Tenant Name

How to find your Microsoft 365 tenant name

A tenant name is a unique identifier for your Microsoft 365 services, and knowing how to find it is crucial for managing your account effectively. In this article, we'll explore various methods to easily locate your Microsoft 365 tenant name.

Using Microsoft 365 Admin Center:
If you're a global admin, the Microsoft 365 Admin Center is your go-to resource. Here’s how you can find your tenant name:

First, log into the Admin Center with your administrator credentials.
Navigate to the 'Setup' section and select 'Domains.'
Look for a domain that ends with '' This suffix is a key indicator of your tenant name.

Through OneDrive for Business Service:
OneDrive for Business provides another avenue to identify your tenant name. Follow these steps:

Sign in to your Microsoft 365 account.
Access the OneDrive for Business app from the Microsoft 365 app launcher, located in the top left corner.
The URL in your browser will display a format similar to '' Your tenant name is embedded in this URL.

Via SharePoint Online Service:
SharePoint Online users can also find their tenant name easily:

Log into Microsoft 365 and open the SharePoint Online app from the app launcher.
Your browser’s URL will show a format like '(''
The tenant name is part of this URL, before ''

Finding your Microsoft 365 tenant name is a simple process that can be accomplished through various methods. Whether you are a global admin or a regular user of OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online, these steps will guide you in identifying your tenant name. For more advanced queries or assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to professional support services.

Updated on: 01/19/2024

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