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How to Delete Guest users in Microsoft 365

What are Guest Users in Office 365?

Guest users refer to individuals from outside your organization granted access to certain Office 365 services. These users typically do not hold positions such as employee, contractor, or full-time member within your organization. However, they require access to Office 365 resources like email, SharePoint documents, Microsoft Teams, and calendars. By adding guest users to Office 365, they receive the same access and permissions as standard members.

There are multiple scenarios where it might be necessary to remove a guest user from Office 365. This could be because the guest user has finished their collaboration with your organization or has completed the tasks they were assigned. Additionally, the removal of a guest user might be warranted due to security considerations or alterations in your organization's policies.

Delete a guest user in Microsoft 365

Guest users, who often include contractors, vendors, and customers, play a crucial role in facilitating collaboration with external entities. Nonetheless, situations may arise necessitating the removal of a guest user from Office 365. This guide will detail the steps required to delete a guest user from Office 365. It's important to note that the ability to delete users is restricted to individuals with either the Global administrator or User administrator roles within your organization.

Follow these steps to delete a guest user in Office 365:

Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center at, using an account with admin permissions.
In the admin center, click on the Users tab >> Click on “Guest Users”. You will get a complete list of all registered guest users in your tenant.
Click on the guest user account that you want to delete.
Click on the “Delete a user” button.
Confirm that you wish to delete the guest user by clicking “Delete User” in the confirmation panel.

After removing a guest user, their access to all services and resources within your Office 365 environment will be revoked. These users will then appear in the "Deleted users" section, accessible via the "Users" tab on the left-hand navigation menu. Should you wish to completely remove a guest user from your system, you'll need to also eliminate them from the "Deleted users" list.

Updated on: 02/15/2024

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