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**Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)**

Articles on: Networking

**Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)**

Step 1: Create a storage account, cloud service, web application

Log in to the Azure portal with your Azure account.

In search bar type storage account and then choose from left navigation pane.

+ Create to create new storage account

Choose your subscription and resource group

and Create Upon completion of deployment, open cdnstorage1122 and choose container from left navigation.

+ Container to create new container

Create Open c

Step 2: Create a CDN Profile resource

On home page click on + Create a resource

Type cdn, choose cdn profile, and click + Create

Choose subscription and resource group

Click on review + create to create Note: If error found go to azure cloud shell and run this command to register


[]([Step 3: Create a new CDN Endpoint node](

Upon completion open cdnprofile1 and click +Endpoint to add endpoint


When created successfully, open this, copy the origin host name, and paste in any browser. Add container and file name with its extension. It will look like this and press enter.

Your image should be previewed.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

Updated on: 01/07/2024

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