Articles on: Virtual Machine

* 1.       Login into Azure portal

Articles on: Virtual Machine

* 1.       Login into Azure portal

2.       Search for WVD and click on Azure Virtual Desktop

3.       Click on Create Host Pool

4.       Select the Subscription of the New User

5.       Resource group should be User-WVD i.e., in this case Rabia-WVD, Hostpool name should be User-HostPool, location should be East US and Host pool type Personal.

6.       Click on Next

7.       Name Prefix should be User-WVD, select other options as shown in the SS

8.       Select the VN you have created

9.       Click on Next and Select Create New Workspace, Workspace Name Should be User-WVD-Workspace

10.   Select Ok and Click on Review and Create

11.   Go to Subscription and Click on IAM and add role assignment Virtual Machine User Login and Virtual Machine Administrator Login and assign both roles to new user.

12.   Assign User to Application Group

13.   Rename the Session Host

14.   Assign User to VM

15.   Modify RDP Properties including the mandatory attribute in advanced for permitting connections from WVd targetisaadjoined:i:1

16.   Add auto shutdown

17.   Click save

Updated on: 08/02/2023

Updated on: 01/07/2024

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